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Private Chef Petra Danbury, CT, United States

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Personal Chef # 9522

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When I moved out on my own, I was living in Brooklyn in a tiny apartment with a kitchen the size of a pantry closet and a budget much smaller, so I had to learn how to create inexpensive, healthy and easy meals with a gourmet touch. I'll teach you how to shop as well as learn how to make the most of what you have already on hand, in a unique and simple way that will wow you with fresh flavors that are delicious and good for you.
I have worked in the restaurant and food service industry for over 15 years, first as a server and bartender and eventually as a personal chef for exclusive clientele in Miami. I also worked on creative menu consultation in NYC. Everyone who tastes my food swears I should be a proffessionial chef but I would much rather hang out in your kitchen, drinking a glass of wine, having a good laugh and helping you create fun, healthy meals for you and your loved ones!
African, American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Petra
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What would you like?

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