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Private Chef Tanner Dallas, TX, United States

I speak the Universal Language, food, and want to share my passion with you

Personal Chef # 53038

Cooking style
Cooking and sharing food is the great uniter..... the bridge between all of us..... the Universal Language! I am self taught. Starting in kitchens at 15, I worked my way up through the ranks eventually owning my own American Style Bistro and beyond.
Born in the Midwest and raised in the greater Seattle area, Chef R. Tanner Thorp has honed his culinary skills across the country. With a focus on American fusion rooted in a strong classical foundation, Chef R. Tanner Thorp, and his incredibly talented associates, can create anything that you and your guests desire. With connections that span the globe, a wide array of culinary techniques, and an unwavering focus on excellence. Chef R. Tanner Thorp, and his associates, will delight your senses with a masterful demonstration in the true Universal Language.
African, American, Asian, BBQ, Bio, Caribbean
Chef Tanner
What would you like?

What would you like?

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