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Private Chef Nicolas Cupertino, CA, United States

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Personal Chef # 19131

Cooking style
My style, my DNA is connected with my roots, world travels, and work experiences abroad. I like simple, but authentic, clean flavors. Simplicity is the complexity I am looking for on a plate, yet, should be sublime and engage in a unique, memorable way, the visual, olfactory, and gustatory senses. I like classic Mediterranean, French and Asian dishes, with my own twist and Modern fusion touch.
Michelin Star trained in France for 3 years, working under Culinary Academy Dean, Chef Maurice Brazier and Master Chef of France, Yves Louet initially, I then had the opportunity to move to the glamorous Hilton Hotel in London to broaden my training through international exposure. A more detailed portfolio of my Certifications, Training and experience is available on my Linkedin profile. As I was still working for fine establishments as an employee, I was hired 'on the side' numerous times by clients for their private events. The shift from a restaurant or hotel environment fitted well with me, and I started really enjoying the private scene. Then in 2006, as I moved back to France after 15 years of working internationally, I had the opportunity to work for a relocated British family, at their Mansion in the Loire Valley. Five years later, as a new challenge was presented to me to move to Los Angeles and cook full time for a Celebrity and her family at their Estate, I jumped in and moved to California. Two years later, an other opportunity came knocking, so I decided to move to the Bay Area, doing what I love most, for a range of private and corporate clients.
Asian, French, Fusion, Health, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Nicolas
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