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Private Chef Ami Creve Coeur, IL, United States

Gluten is my kryptonite.

Personal Chef # 8223

Cooking style
I describe my cooking style as comfort food with a twist. I am not afraid to try new flavors, and give a spin on an old classic. I am also very versed in food allergies. I myself have several food-sticles I have to hop over, so you can trust me to take your food allergies and dietary restrictions seriously. I also make damn good GF cookies. Just sayin.
Hey hey! I am a trained chef with 10+ years of food service experience. I have a passion for food, and graduated from culinary school with all of my fingers still intact. I currently cook for a nursing home, and have been itching to spread my wings back out. Not that I don't love my unlimited supply of great-parents, but a girl needs a chance to use her skills.
Chef Ami
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What would you like?

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