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Private Chef Rachel Columbus, OH, United States

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I'm a very healthy conscious chef. Most importantly I understand that 'health' is relevant to the person eating the food. We all digest food differently, causing us to gain and lose energy & weight accordingly. It's enjoyable for me to learn about my client's health needs before cooking for them. I cook a lot of bright citrus and herb-forward flavors. I love incorporating healthy fats and cutting or substituting unnecessary sugars. If it's summer, I want to barbeque a stunning piece of beef or pork for our main course with a side of chili grilled pineapple, and if it's winter mushroom risotto is a must. I also love to be hired to meal prep for full weeks of food helping my clients keep up with the food portions of their health goals. Looking forward to cooking for you! -R
Hi, I'm Rachel! I have 10 years of culinary experience. I've worked in many Mediterranean, Italian, French & California Cuisine restaurants including a 1 Michelin-star San Francisco restaurant & studied under the former white house Chef, John Mollar. I've been a private chef in both SF & NY and spent years cooking in the food styling industry. I love to make a table feel like home. For Smiles to radiate over beautiful family-style platters and watch sweet memories be made. Food is a powerful staple to community.
American, BBQ, Caribbean, French, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Rachel
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What would you like?

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