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Private Chef Gene Chicago, IL, United States

A Taste of Elegance From The Heart of Mexico

Personal Chef # 28083

Cooking style
Taste of Mexico Prepare for a gastronomic tour de force Join Chef Geno, Managing Executive Chef cooking is extraordinary, often rustic, and full of the kind of intense and gratifying flavors that come from unique, fresh ingredients thoughtfully combined. The chef work’s hands-on with no more than 20 students per class. With any number for demos. During each 3-hour session the students learn how to buy and use rare ingredients, prepare, and present dishes. Beginner or expert, you’ll receive inspiration, ideas and practical know-how. A taste of Elegance from the Heart of Mexico Come and discover the chef within!
Motivated High Potential individual who interacts with the greatest degree of integrity and professionalism. Actively seeking a position in the culinary art field, to an organization looking to grow. ________________________________________ INDUSTRY FOCUS, CAREER SUMMARY & QUALIFICATIONS • Celebrity Chef + Influencer + Brand Ambassador + Consultant + Appliance & Mexican Kitchen + Upscale Mexican Food Champ. • Innovative and award-winning High Potential Chef with exceptional record of food preparation and presentation at noted establishments such as Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, and his own establishments Ixcapuzalco and Chilpancingo. Among other restaurants. • In charge of all related kitchen tasks, usually includes menu engineering, management of kitchen staff, ordering, purchasing of inventory control, and plating design. • Over 30 years of experience in developing authentic Mexican cuisine, with abundant bounty of locally grown produce, artisan cheeses, animal husbandry grass-fed meats, sustainably harvested fish • Focused, on seasonal ingredients, including management, quality control, labor control, cost control, budgeting, and menu planning. • Specialize in scratch cooking, restaurant startups, knowledge in rustic wood-fired traditional Mexican cooking, and cultures from the 32 States of Mexico, front of the house sales and training techniques. • Knowledge and skills to oversee, direct and perform the daily execution of all kitchen duties, establishing and maintaining high standards in the areas of menu development, hiring/training, inventory / kitchen safety / cleanliness, ingredient sourcing and staff culture • Fluent in Spanish and have a personal interest in self-improvement LICENSES & CERTIFICATIONS ________________________________________ • Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Blue, Pasadena CA
Latin, Mexican, Molecular, Spanish, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Gene
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