Private Chef Elaine Chicago, IL, United States

Plant-Based Personal Chef

Personal Chef # 24707

Cooking style
I am a Personal Chef and a Culinary Coach specializing in globally inspired plant-based cuisine. I work with clients to personalize their meal-plans to their specific dietary, and cultural needs. I also work with nutritionists and personal trainers. Plant-based parties are a fun and tasty alternative to a traditional dinner party, with a focus on seasonal ingredients.
I am an experienced cook, beginning my training at Kendall College. I have spent a few years working and staging in kitchens around Chicago. I cooked for and ran my own food truck and catering business Homage Street Food, with a focus on globally inspired street food dishes. I launched my personal chef service, to compliment my current studies of becoming a Culinary Holistic Nutritionist. My food is always vegan.
Asian, Europe, Health, Middle Eastern, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Elaine
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Indian Comfort Food

Indian Comfort Food

$ 51.75 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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