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Private Chef adam Chicago, IL, United States

Honest cooking by a chef turned farmer.

Personal Chef # 16436

Cooking style
I like to cook the type of food I want to eat. Vegetable focused meals with bold flavors and an emphasis on technique. Technique in the name of maximizing flavor, texture, aroma and the dining experience. My experience farming and working at farmers markets has allowed me to build relationships with the best farms in the area. All the produce I source will come from local organic farms and all the meat will come from animals raised on organic pasture. I believe that my job as a chef is to express the inherent beauty of high quality, nutrient dense food raised with integrity. I like to utilize pickling, fermenting, sprouting, curing and smoking into my cuisine. These ancient techniques help me achieve a depth of flavor while keeping things light and vibrant as opposed to rich and heavy. I have traveled extensively in Viet Nam, Thailand and Mexico. While I often incorporate elements of these cuisines into my cooking, I believe my food is primarily a reflection of midwestern terroir.
I have spent five years cooking in some of Chicago's best restaurants including Avec, Publican Quality Meats, Kai Zan and Topolobampo. My passion for cooking with pristine produce has led me down the road of farming. I spent last summer working on a small organic farm in North Carolina. This Summer, I have been managing my own urban farm in Chicago and also growing my own microgreens. Having experience in both the kitchen and the farm has given me a unique perspective on cooking.
Health, Mediterranean, Mexican, Terroir, Thai, Vegetarian
Chef adam
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