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Private Chef Donathan Canton, MI, United States

When Passion Meets Royalty (Diamond Sweetness Catering)

Personal Chef # 42365

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With A Extraordinary Expertise In Holistic Nutrition, Chef Don Has Redefined The Kitchen As A Place Of True Healing. Experienced Chef’s Don American Fusion Cuisines And You Will Rant & Rave Of The Brilliant Flavors And Robust Aroma.
His knowledge combined with curiosity for the healing powers of food, brings his clients valuable information and exciting ingredients that will change their lives. Capable of managing dining services of thousands while managing and motivating staff to perform to the best of their abilities across every service. Consistently create new recipes and menu’s implementing seasonal ingredients and modern techniques. Superior leadership coaching and team building skills; committed to creating memorable dining experience for all guest, thrive in high-pressure environments, passion for food and flawless service. From coordinating meals for university events, park concourse events, and athletic teams. Chef Don is a culinary innovator known to produce top quality that discovered his passion. Having catered countless events, Chef Don is the fan favorite. For him the most communal and bonding experience is seeing others come together to share a meal. When Chef Don is not catering he’s a personal chef helping families eat healthier. Primarily cooking for professional athletes, busy moms, and those looking to use food for preventive health. Chef Don is truly passionate about cooking, and helping ANYONE who is open to true health!
American, Fusion, Health, Italian, Soul/Southern, Vegetarian
Chef Donathan
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