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Private Chef Wesley Broomfield, CO, United States

All world favorites with multiple specialties

Personal Chef # 3670

Cooking style
I cook hot and fast and like to master new styles of cooking with new styles of spices and sauces to go with. I believe the correct sauce makes a meal. I put alot of time into balancing sides, flavors and spices to the main meal. I like to have fun and be creative with my cooking, and that is what has made me veer away from corporate kitchens. I enjoy making specialty food for people, watching them enjoy it and knowing I made their night better. I don't really feel that when I'm making food for a ticket on a rail or a server, I'd like to make a change so I can be closer to the consumer.
My culinary experience includes American, Southwest, Southern, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Mexican, Greek/Mediterranean, BBQ, Steakhouse, and Italian, with my home cooking including Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. I have been in food service for 11 yrs, and cooking in a professional kitchens for 8. I grew up and started my cooking career in Pittsburgh PA and moved to Durango Co once I was done with school. I lived there for a few years and decided I wanted to move to a city again so made my way to Denver. I am happy I got to move around and try different kitchens in different places, different styles of cooking in different restaurants, different styles of kitchen managers, cooks, chefs, and bosses, and even got to try my hand and being head chef/kitchen manager for a few years.
American, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern, Vegetarian
Chef Wesley
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What would you like?

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