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Private Chef Marca-Nicole Breckenridge Hills, MO, United States

Live Love and Eat Well with Chef MarcaNicole

Personal Chef # 10917

Cooking style
I provide customized menu planning so each client's meal is personalized. I am a formally trained chef so I cook to each client specific individual needs after having done a flavor profile. I can do all things culinary. I also have an Alliance of Private Chefs that can assist in any of your culinary needs. I do focus on healthful cooking techniques as well as fresh sustainable food sources.
I have over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry on the service side. I am also an AFC certified Chef in nutrition and a former chef instructor. My culinary range is wide, my passion, creativity, work ethic, integrity and my intense love of food propel me to make each client's dining experience memorable.
American, Asian, Fusion, Health, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Marca-Nicole
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What would you like?

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