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Private Chef Karen Beverly, MA, United States

seasoned, delicious, scrumptious, private party, catering, first lady of food.

Personal Chef # 25343

Cooking style
I put love into every dish. I try to buy the best, freshestest quality ingredients. I also enjoy bold flavors, unique presentations and the fact that I have a background in visual arts and design, allows me to focus on those tiny details that so many others overlook.
Over 30 years in the restaurant/food business of both catering and private home chefs. I have worked in all genres of the food industry from being a head chef at restaurants to food service catering banquet halls up to 1,000. I also taught creative dinner parties and hors d'ouvre making courses. In the 90's I had opened a cafe in BU, which was in business for 15 years. I have prepared recipes ranging from ethnic foods, like Indian, Thai, Asian fusion and classic American. Now focused on cooking food with those with specific dietary restrictions/allergies like the Paelo dieto, Keto diet, etc. and gastric bipass surgery.
American, Asian, French, Mediterranean, Spanish, Vegan
Chef Karen
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What would you like?

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