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Private Chef Robert Bend, OR, United States

Multitasking ninja, you cant help but watch!

Personal Chef # 4801

Cooking style
A force to be reckoned with, heavy flavor, eclectic plates and jokes every step of the way
It started when I was twelve, my single mother decieded that her ocd/adhd son was too much to cook for. I cooked for myself for the first time that night, as a teen my house was the party house and I always had a full table filled with laughter and smiles, the munchies flowed steadily consisting of whatever I had in the fridge. Then I worked at Nobu, after this I worked at a delightful crepes cafe where I learned to serve, cook, buss and cisco all at the same time. I also learned line and knife skills at Pizza Wings and things then moved on to catering myself. Since then, I've cooked like it was my life that was on the line and I have become a showman and a teacher .
American, Asian
Chef Robert
What would you like?

What would you like?

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