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Private Chef Elliot Belmont, MA, United States

Creative Middle Eastern Cuisine

Personal Chef # 13754

Cooking style
As a dedicated environmentalist, I take seasonal cooking very seriously, and go out of my way to support local producers. When the product is great off the bat, the job becomes a lot easier to make it taste fantastic on the plate. Because of my upbringing, I am both most familiar with, and most comfortable cooking in an Eastern Mediterranean style; a spice-driven cuisine with emphasis on whole-food cookery, healthy, balanced meals and a family-style system of service and presentation. Though not inherently a vegetarian diet, the Middle Eastern culinary tradition places a lot of importance on vegetables, and my style strongly reflects this emphasis on plant-based cooking
I am a professional chef with a decade of experience cooking in restaurants throughout New England and a lifetime of experience in the kitchen cooking and eating with my Syrian mother and grandmother. I attended the Culinary Institute of America and have cooked professionally in many different environments, including fine dining and fast casual restaurants, catering kitchens and private events. I have spent the past three years working under the guidance of a James Beard nominated chef at one of the best new restaurants in the Boston area.
Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Terroir, Vegetarian
Chef Elliot
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