Private Chef Claudine Bedford, TX, United States


Personal Chef # 11431

Cooking style
All cuisines, all types, and experience with dietary restrictions.
It started at home…. smelling my grandmother’s fresh baked bread every weekend, my mother’s French Canadian Meat Pies, Cretons spread on homemade bread for breakfast, crepes with melting butter and brown sugar, warm cinnamon coffee cake at least once a week after learning it in Home Economics in 6th grade….it all was my love affair with food and the experiences of it. I went into the private service industry and learned about serving, planning, management, social functions, etc. that centered around the family. While working for families in their homes I got opportunities to work all aspects of food preparation.My desire to attend school in the culinary arts field has been a dream of mine. Now is the right time to strengthen my knowledge of French Cooking and learn the restaurant environment. Since attending school I have found many avenues to fulfill my dreams and desires in the food industry.It started at home………and will continue to take me anywhere in the world. EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE Plymouth State College. Plymouth, NH. Business Management Various Private Families. Dallas, TX. Housemanager/Personal Chef McKinney Avenue Tavern. Dallas, TX. Food Truck/Cook in Training Personal Chef Services. Bedford, TX. Self Employed Le Cordon Bleu Dallas. Dallas, TX. Associates
Chinese, Decadent, Health, Japanese, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Claudine
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