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Private Chef Tykell Baltimore, MD, États-Unis

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Personal Chef # 7347

Cooking style
My style is very versatile. I believe cooking is an art, so I pride myself on my food having layers and dimensions. I also have an eye for detail so I pride myself on plate presentation. Most people eat with their eyes first, so it's very important that the food looks delicious. Then they eat with their nose, so that's where the layers and dimensions comes in at. Last but not least then there mouth.
I grew up working in a Caribbean restaurant for my uncle. To further my education, I decided to go to college to major in Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry also Business Management. I later finished with my degree with two associates and one bachelor degree. Then later, I worked in multiple restaurants while in between doing various internships out of the country Ireland ,Thailand, Jamaic, also Switzerland. I now live in Baltimore Maryland and I have been running my own catering company for the last 4 years.
American, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, French, Soul/Southern
Chef Tykell
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What would you like?

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