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Private Chef Lonzo Austin, TX, United States

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Chef Lonzo’s culinary craft is built on scratch cooking and a magical fusion of nouveaux and classical styles. Neo-Picante best describes his unique, contemporary recipe development, celebrating global flavors and techniques. His vast knowledge of Mexico's regional cuisines is translated into unique signature recipes. The Chef's charming sense of hospitality ensures a fun, enjoyable event and the food becomes the entertainment! Based in Austin, Texas, the chef continues to book events locally and around the globe.
Chef Lonzo is a professional chef with over 20 years of international culinary and hospitality experience. Coming from 2 generations of food industry professionals, he discovered his innate passion for cooking early on. When he was 12, his family moved from New England to central Mexico, his home for over 20 years. In addition to extensive immersion in Latin Cuisine, the Chef's diverse culinary influences also result from experience in Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia and the Americas. He served four years on the U.S. Council of State Restaurant Associations and his credentials include certifications by the National Restaurant Association. He is an avid supporter of sustainable food practices and local farm-to-table sourcing.
Fusion, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Lonzo
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