Private Chef Leeda Arlington, VA, United States

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Cooking style
The best food in life is that which is enjoyed around the table with good company. My style of cooking reflects quality food layered with flavors and heavy seasoning. Basting, roasting, searing, braising. I employee all these techniques with a fire in my eyes as I cook.
I have worked in the front of house industry for 7 years and made my transition to the kitchen two years ago. In my two years I have grasped every culinary opportunity possible and attended culinary school. I have cooked alongside Chef Robert Irvine and his Executive Chef Shane Cash. I have also studied creating custom menus and culinary mathematics. I have an open mind to all styles of cooking. My passion for cooking reaches beyond my job. I have been cooking alongside my mother since I could hold a spoon. She is an important influence in my love for food. Becoming a personal chef has been a longtime goal of mind. Combining travel, food, and fun is my envisionment in cooking for you.
Fusion, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern, Vegetarian
Chef Leeda
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Pork Tasting Menu

Pork Tasting Menu

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What would you like?

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