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Private Chef Memi Antioch, CA, United States

Pay for the love ❤️ not just the food

Personal Chef # 2057

Cooking style
Upscale cooking. Fine dining casual.
2009-2013 I attended three different culinary schools. Le Cordin Bleu , The Art institute and also Laney. Currently own a meal prep business , catering business , health / nutritionist, vegan business. And also own a food truck I’m launching soon. 13 years experience cooking. I’ve cooked for movie producers , the mayor of Oakland and San Francisco. I also cooked for the Warriors and San Francisco 49ers. I also do interior decorating for wedding parties , birthdays etc. I also can make desserts Hello everyone, I have worked in various restaurants ranging from Asian, Italian, Spanish, Caribbean and American cuisines. I have a current food handlers certificate with updated Covid training. I would love to share my love of food with you by creating a truly personalized experience.
African, American, Asian, Caribbean, French, Greek
Chef Memi
Chickpea Greek Tacos

Chickpea Greek Tacos

$ 13.87 /guest    4 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more