Private Chef Ryan Ansonia, CT, United States

New American styles & more!

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Cooking style
I am fluent in new American styles, but also have classic french and Asian influences. And I love to cook Italian and Latin cuisine. Also vegetarian/vegan, Greek, Mexican, BBQ, Euro, sushi, Indian, Thai, and fusion/molecular gastronomy
My name is Rya. I'm a classicly trained chef. I studied at johnson & wales university for culinary and baking. I've worked in a variety of different restaurants. Everything from your everyday mom and pop places to roux le châteaus. I've worked in 5 star, 5 diamond establishments. Also, I'm very skilled in catering and banquet scenarios. I'm very easy to work with I'm always looking to please my clients. You can tell me what you want and I will bring it to life.
American, Asian, BBQ, Eastern Europe, French, Fusion
Chef Ryan
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What would you like?

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