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Private Chef Michelene Andover, MA, United States

Culinary Art and Servsafe certified

Personal Chef # 41458

Cooking style
I love making my carribean and fusions food but I am not limited to that. I make great Italian and french cuisine.
I have been cooking since I was about 12 years old. I always sell plates to my classmates, coworkers, neighbors and friends, with their encouragements I went to culinary school, I graduated the top of my class and I am still going to school for further education and also taking classes online with Karen Lee Cooking in NY city. I operating a catering business from home and I also work as a private chef for a variety of catering companies in Massachusetts.
American, Asian, Caribbean, French, Fusion, Health
Chef Michelene
Miche Gourmet

Miche Gourmet

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