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Private Chef Anderson NY, United States

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Personal Chef # 29810

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Former NYC based chef with now in Toronto, well versed in different regions of the Mediterranean, classic French and regional Mexican.
Former Executive chef and co-owner of restaurants in TriBeCa NYC and BVI, with almost 20 years of experience, formerly trained and with apprenticeship under M Batali/ Marcus Samuelsson/ Mark Murphy. Being part in the upscale gastropub scene that came in right after 9/11 and Well versed in classic Portuguese, regional Spanish cuisine, such as Basque, Andaluz and Catalunia regions. Extensive experience with classic Italian, Mostly from the regions of Campania (Napoli), Lazio (Rome), Tuscan (Florence), and Emilia Romagna (Bologna), knowledgeable of classic french and deep knowledge of regional Mexican cuisines and its variants. I believe that with my knowledge and experience, I can deliver a great experience to any guest, experienced in accommodating dietary requests and it's needs, with years of experience writing menus for renowned restaurants. Having worked for 7 years with a master sommelier also gave me great wine knowledge, being able to create a great pairing experience.
French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Soul/Southern, Spanish
Chef Anderson
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What would you like?

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