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Private Chef Daniel Cascais, LISBOA, Portugal

Cooking with Art

Personal Chef # 20074

Cooking style
Gourmet with Mediterranean twist
Currently, I’m the Executive Chef/Chef de Cuisine for the 5 stars SOFITEL Lisbon Liberdade Hotel, where I have the opportunity to create and innovate along with the ability to deliver a premium service for our very demanding clientele. Due to my international experience, I have gained a strong combination of knowledge on a wide variety of different gastronomic cultures and have trained with some of the world's most creative exponents of the culinary arts. This, together with my professional background, organization and responsibility skills, has led me to reach a high standard of fine cuisine, where hard work combined with the passion for well-sourced products; fusion and contemporary cooking has proven to be the reason for the success in my career. My career goal is to continue to work at high-quality establishments in order to further broaden my culinary expertise, enhance human relations as well as to operate at the boundary of innovation, contributing to the development of gastronomy to enhance the benefits and enjoyment of food. My long-standing aim is to be successful in a business while making a significant contribution to the evolution of cuisine on a global scale and encourage young chefs of the next generation. For me, cooking is to create, is to innovate… it is a passion for art.
French, Fusion, Mediterranean
Chef Daniel
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