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Private Chef VICKY JOEL Riambel, SAVANNE, Mauritius

Creating delicious and inventive masterpieces of dishes. its my lifetime & my pleasure

Personal Chef # 24414

Cooking style
My 17 years culinary experiences, have gained me a higher level of culinary skill and competences in food products and cooking technique, with a Global Culinary experience ( French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Asian, Middle East, Indian, Australian and Mauritian culinary). I am experienced in meeting special dietary needs and requests, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, low calorie, lactose(dairy-free meals and kosher food).
Culinary chef with 17 years of experiences in the Luxury Hospitality Industry, both in 5 stars hotel chains and resort, with a proven tracking record for developing, directing, managing, training new talent and sustaining a profitable culinary operations. Highly focused, result oriented and committed professional, with a strong understanding of local markets. Able to design and run most effective flow of operations. Used to work in multi-cultural environment, understand that to be successful, it’s necessary to be surrounded by great people. Based on that principle, a lot of importance is given to interviewing, choosing and recruiting the best possible skilled, positive and dynamic team of professionals, and in keeping them inspired and motivated all time. In the past, I have been a private chef for great Celebrities for a week during their stay in the hotel, like DAVID GUETTA and Family, YANNICK NOAH and Family, EMMA DE CAUNNES, MICHEl BLANC, PRINCE OF SAUDIA ARABIAN, PRINCE OF KUWAIT AND DENISE VAN OUTEN, ETC, thanks the CHEF AND MANAGEMENT have given me the chance to cook for these Celebrities and their trust they have put on me. I have learned a lot with different executive chef from different countries with a qualification of Michelin stars, Disciple of Escoffier, meilleur ouvrier de France, etc. Moreover my culinary experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill on hospitality, attitude, knowledge, Guest Satisfaction and productive people with a mission is to exceed customer expectations and I have earned a reputation for doing precisely.
Asian, BBQ, French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean
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