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After graduating from secondary school, I moved to the north of the Island in search of employment. In 2003, at the age of 18, I got my first job where I was employed as a porter in the kitchen at the Glen Castle hotel. I believe it's fair to say that this is where my culinary journey began. While working as a porter cleaning ports and pans, I was always curious as to what the chefs and cooks were doing, so in between my duties I would assist with peeling onions or cutting potatoes and gradually the transition began. Before I knew it I was no longer washing pots and pans but now preparing and sending food out. My passion for cooking grew making me hungry for more knowledge in the culinary field and since the hotel was small with limited resources I decided to venture out and seek for employment at a bigger resort. In 2005, I was successful in gaining employment at the Sandals Grand St. Lucia, a much larger resort. I worked there for five years and learned so much during my time there. With my continuous hunger for knowledge and growth in the field of cooking I knew I had to say goodbye to Sandals Grand St. Lucia. In October of 2010, I joined Chef Craig Jones at The Cap Maison Resort and Spa as a Chef De Cuisine. Since joining the Cap Maison Team, my knowledge and culinary skills boosted. In 2014, I became part of the National Culinary Team representing St. Lucia in competing in the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Competition held in Miami, where I brought home a silver medal. In 2015, I was honoured with leading the team as team captain where we came home with team silver medals and in 2016 we got our first team gold medals. Myself as well as my team assist food and nutrition teachers by going to the school to teach students and share our knowledge of cooking with them through a program organized by the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association.
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