Private Chef Mohamed George Town, GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands

Personal Chef Mohamad at your service!

Personal Chef # 21969

Cooking style
I specialize in Caribbean, Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine. BBQ and seafood as well.
Chef Mohamed has worked in top class restaurants and hotels including The Ritz Carlton serving and catering to private dinners for the guests at the hotels . When is a top class chef with higher standards providing delicious food. Chef Mohamed loves to cook with fresh organic and locally sourced products. He always prepares and cooks everything for scratch. Food is his passion, his happiness and he loves to offer his happiness to you by providing the best culinary experience. He has 15 years of experience in cooking healthy, nutrition meals for his clients and their family.
American, BBQ, Caribbean, Fusion, Indian, Italian
Chef Mohamed
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What would you like?

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