Private Chef Angelo Spoleto, UMBRIA, Italy

Professional Chef with 35 years of international experience!

Personal Chef # 21895

Cooking style
Healthy and simple, following the kictchen rules. I do cooking classes for adults and kids. I can also offer wine pairings and extra virgin olive oil tastings.
Hailing from Spoleto in the province of Perugia, Italy, Chef Angelo has been involving in the world of food preparation for almost 25 years. He started his first stint in the kitchen as a kitchen commis, learning trade secrets from many well-knowm and skilled chefs at fine dining restaurants including Angelo Paracucchi, a leading representive of Italian cuisine in the world. He has worked his way through the different kitchens of several restaurants and has been responsible for the openings of many top Italian Restaurants in various International Hotel chains including: The Dubai Metropolitan Hotel and Resort, Tamanaco Intercontinental Hotel Caracas, Great Wall Sheraton Beying, Kun Lun Hotel Beying, Rhiga Royal Hotel Kyoto Japan, Ca del Sole Restaurant Los Angeles, Four Seasons Vancouver, Hong Kong Hilton and Radisson Scandinavian Hotel Copenaghen. His culinary career has taken him around Italy, Europe, Uk, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Usa, Canada and Africa. Humble, easy going and down to earth best describes the 45 year old Chef. His fervor for good food inspired him to join the culinary front. Creative and innovative, he likes cooking as he feels it gives him the freedom to create and experiment and the adrenaline rush of a busy kitchen keeps him on his toes. He believes that using the finest ingredients and products contributes greatly to the exquisite taste of a dish.
Bio, Fusion, Italian, Mediterranean, Terroir, Vegetarian
Chef Angelo
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