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Private Chef Francesco Pozzuoli, CAMPANIA, Italy

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Personal Chef # 20775

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my favorite type of cooking? everything's is food i can cook...during my experience around the world i learn how to cook many type of kitchen, my intent is only to fully satisfy and make happy every single person who will choose me
Hi, I am a thirty years old Chef, grown up in a family with a strong culinary tradition Chef of three generations, I started my professional career in catering and hotel at the age of 12, after having obtained the hotel diploma I undertook seriousness and deterrence of the culinary career between Italy, Switzerland, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Norway and USA, achieving excellent managerial levels. During my career I have always expanded my international culinary baggage without ever forgetting my origin and perfecting my skills in cooking, varying from pastry to baker always with humility and desire to learn. One of my passion is the fusion kitchen , is just exciting put all together all my experience and all the affluence of the place where i use to live.Cooking is just my real passion i can't stay without.
American, Asian, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Chef Francesco
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