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Private Chef Marzia Milano, LOMBARDIA, Italy

I love to take care of people through my dishes

Personal Chef # 28247

Cooking style
I love gourmet food. I play with natural ingredients (organics and seasonal) to create a story. My menù are plant based, balanced and happy.
Plant based Chef specialized in healthy and gourmet food. I love to cook, is one of most important think of my life. I have a strong Ethic approach. Respect for the Earth, the Planet, for people, for animals, for environment. My core value, in my job, is to take care of people, with a good food. “good” for biological needs, for mind and for soul. I work with a nutrionist doctor and psycologist doctor, to do this. I love plant based food because nature is beautiful, nature is perfect. With plant based food we can eat all togheter, without walls. I worked in a starred restaurant, the only one in Europe for vegetarian food, and now I open my cooking space. It is a cooking school and also a private kitchen for exclusive gourmet food expercience. I can create a similar experience also at your home.
Bio, Fusion, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegan
Chef Marzia
gourmet food experience

gourmet food experience

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