Private Chef Carlo Enrico Milano, LOMBARDIA, Italy

Il Cuoco in Cravatta - La cucina di casa.... a casa

Personal Chef # 25635

Cooking style
Mainly traditional and regional cooking, but always with something personal, innovative and stylish. I can cook meat, fish, vegetables, desserts. Care for allergies and intolerances.
Experience of more than five years. Personal chef for private people, chef for a charming Locanda in the country close to Milan area, chef for a big and well known industry of cooking systems.
Asian, French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
Chef Carlo Enrico
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Good traditional taste

Good traditional taste

€ 57.50 /guest    6 and more
Home tradition

Home tradition

€ 39.10 /guest    6 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

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