Private Chef Alessia E Barbara Gaiole in Chianti, TUSCANY, Italy

Le due Cuochine

Personal Chef # 20791

Cooking style
Typical Tuscan cuisine.
Alessia and Barbara... As long time friends, we have came together to rediscover our passion: Tuscan Cooking. In the heart of Chianti, we grew up in the midst of the flavors and smells of the kitchens of the best teachers... our grandmothers. And our passion for cooking, that began years ago, was evident in our lunches and dinners that we happly offered to friends and clients, both at home and at various locations. As we ventured into the world of catering, we knew this world be a great business. Diplomas, certifications and professional teachers of cooking schools have all contributed to our wealth of knowledge and experience. We know that nothing should be left to improvisation. The continued requests, reservations, and compliments by our clients speak for themselves. We will make every effort to understand your need, find the best solutions and offer you a complete package which pleases your palate and frees you from the need of organizing and cooking. In particular we will: suggest various menus and find the one that best suits your needsgo shoppingcome to your home and cooklay the table and serve (if requested) clean tidy up the kitchen. On request we offer Cooking classes.
Chef Alessia E Barbara
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