Private Chef Emanuele Florence, TUSCANY, Italy

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Personal Chef # 20756

Cooking style
Gourmet style, have passion for meat and fish always using local high quality products in the respect of italian and tuscan dishes.
Chef Emanuele Faggi, has worked in several restaurants across Tuscany region - famous for their wines and food. His internships included 6 months at the famous Albereta Resort under the guidance of the world acclaimed Chef Gualtiero Marchesi. He then worked for 4 years at Cracco Ristorante a 2 Michelin Star restaurant situated in Milan where Chef Emanuele came under the tutelage as a chef de partie of Chef Patron Carlo Cracco, a member on the panel of Singapore Airlines Internation Culinary Panel. Chef Emanuele has also bagged various competitions, such as Silver medal in the 1st Italian Champion and Silver in the 8th Competitive National Fair of Cooking. He also spent 2 months working in Japan and Brasil for competitions and culinary events. After an experience in Singapore and Venice Emanuele is back in Milan where he is a consultant managing various projects in the restoration and high quality food production for restaurants, bars,hotels and catering events. He is currently back in Florence in his hometown and is private chef for gourmet events and traveling worldwide.
Chef Emanuele
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