Private Chef Laura Firenze, TOSCANA, Italy

All Italian tradition and gourmet!

Personal Chef # 20619

Cooking style
Her cuisine is based on traditional family recipes which she skillfully combines with fancy flavors and without forgetting the inexorable influence of the Mediterranean.
A passionate cook, many of Laura’s recipes have been passed down from her grandmother and, having grown up in a restaurant in Aulla near the marble mountains of Carrara, food has always played an important part in Laura’s life. Yet it was a chance meeting with a Tuscan Prince, Duccio Corsini, and his wife, Clotilde, that launched Laura’s cooking career when she opened the osteria within the Corsini’s 16th century “Villa Le Corti” just south of Florence on their Chianti wine estate. A few years later, Laura returned to Florence to cook at various restaurants before launching her own business. Laura established an innovative cooking school offering intimate cooking classes in a truly local setting as well as personal chef services.
Chef Laura
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