Private Chef roberto Castelfranco di Sotto, TOSCANA, Italy

With the passion for cooking I bring you to my world.

Personal Chef # 28271

Cooking style
Old Tuscan cooking, Italian cooking, Fusion cooking, world Ethinc cooking.
I am a cook belonging to the Italian Chefs Federation, vice president of the Livornesi Chefs Association, president of the Valdera and Valdarno Lower Chefs Group, I cook in particular Tuscan cuisine with also fusion and Italian and ethnic cuisine. I worked for local restaurants and an important Tuscan Catering. I have been working as a chef at home for 6 years and I teach Tuscan cooking courses at some agritourisms in the province of Pisa, in English. For 5 years, I started teaching courses for F.I.C. ,
African, Asian, Europe, Fusion, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef roberto
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