Private Chef Andrew JOGJA, Indonesia

I cook simple, delicious food, highlighting the best and freshest ingredients available.

Personal Chef # 1824

Cooking style
My favorite style of cooking is Italian. And I call it a style, not a cuisine, because it really is. Italian cooking is all about having the best ingredients, preparing them in a straight-forward way, and letting them speak for themselves. And when I say best ingredients I'm not just talking about expensive prosciutto and caviar. The best ingredients are those that are treated with love, picked when ripe ONLY in their season, and used locally in their freshest state.
I am a classically trained Chef with a BS in Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University. I have worked in many different restaurants and have gained a vast repertoire of culinary knowledge that includes the cuisines of: France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, New American, and most predominately Italy. I have over 8 years of professional cooking under my belt.
Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Andrew
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What would you like?

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