Private Chef Thomas United Kingdom

Pastry Chef & Chocolatier

Personal Chef # 15352

Cooking style
I come from a Classical French patisserie background through my training I worked blending French patisserie with Japanese ingredients. I'm into creating classics but also really pushing your senses to there utmost potential leaving your mouth stunned, I specialise in all aspects of pastry work (including GF free), chocolate work , boulangerie , vienoisserie, desserts, ice creams, fine patisserie and confectionary all from scratch.
My experience is a multi sensory journey, where my style of Patisserie / desserts and chocolate aims to hit all your senses but leave you with a memory you won't forget, if there is ever a pastime food of your childhood I can recreate that experience for you. I specialise in the finer details of patisserie.
Europe, French, Health, Japanese, Molecular, Spanish
Chef Thomas
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What would you like?

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