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After being in the hospitality Industry for over 10 years, I have been able to constantly immerse myself in new cooking cultures. I take a lot of my experience and put it to the plate. I enjoy keeping up to date on new trends and am always looking to better my knowledge. My feedback is at its best when I am able to take the freshest and best local produce and create a delicious, whole-hearted dish, with a range of colours flavours and textures for them to enjoy. I have had a French cooking background and also Turkish and Mediterranean. I take these two very different cuisines and create my own flair on delicious dishes.
I have usually worked 6 days a week, cooking 3 meals a day, a cooked and continental breakfast, a lunch buffet which included 3 different salads, one meat dish and one fish dish, followed by dessert, and a 5-course dinner—Canapes, starter, main, dessert, petit fours, and sometimes a surprise course during their stay, amuse bouche or pre-dessert. I had various UHNW clientele, including children, and those with dietary requirements which were all catered for as necessary. Working with many high-profile families, I was quick to adopt the attitude that “Nothing is too much trouble”. The experience I deliver is seamless, and a discreet service is always guaranteed, this is especially important. The team that I usually work with are relatively small, thus we’ve had to be versatile and adaptable in our approach to our job roles. I have had the extra responsibility of driving all the team to work every day, ensuring we were there in an adequate timing to begin the day ahead. After preparing and cooking breakfast, I would go shopping at the local supermarkets and daily markets. For this reason my menus changed from week to week, not only because the guests requirements changed, but because I preferred to buy the local, fresh produce that was on offer from the fish monger, butcher, bakery, and green grocer alike. I have also had extensive experience in managing a weekly budget, which is depended on how many guests I will look after each week. This not only had to cover food and drink for the villa, but also staff food, petrol, and property consumables (cleaning products, etc.). I always want to ensure that my kitchen was always in an appropriate state, as guests were likely to walk in whenever they chose, and being in quite a small kitchen, keeping on top of cleanliness was a must. Once a week, I would thoroughly deep clean the kitchen, and make sure it was ready for the week ahead, or any new guests arriving.
French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian
Chef Sophie
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