Private Chef Richard Sarratt, ENGLAND, United Kingdom

The Amenable Chef

Personal Chef # 24540

Cooking style
I have a strong traditional base with modern world influences.
I am an experienced and qualified professional with a proven track record in quality operations in the United Kingdom and abroad, dealing with high volume, quality operations, training and motivating brigades large and small. I have a background in successfully executing a variety of high end catering operations, in both the kitchen and the dining room. I started my cooking career in a hotel in Suffolk. I went on to gain experience worldwide. I was classically trained in Paris and Biarritz, then continued to hone my craft in Australia. I also worked for an exclusive Chalet in the Alps. As a young chef, I worked for Rick Stein in Padstow, and as Sous Chef at Café de Jardin in Covent Garden. I made a return to The Seafood Restaurant, this time to manage the restaurant and dining room team. After this time I enjoyed success as Executive chef for The Ebury Group in London. This culminated in becoming Chef/Patron of my own fine dining business in Lincoln, The Jews House Restaurant, where I enjoyed great critical success, achieving “Restaurant of the Year” in The Daily Telegraph, “County Restaurant of the Year” in Good Food Guide and Winner of The Taste of Lincolnshire. In this time I have nurtured and trained many talented chefs, and managed a motivated and dedicated team to their own successes.
Asian, BBQ, French, Fusion, Health, Mediterranean
Chef Richard
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