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Private Chef Colin Middleton, United Kingdom

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Personal Chef # 15074

Cooking style
My style can't really labelled, as it's a style of my own, obviously influenced by incredible chefs but also by my family. I'm a very relaxed chef who takes pride in every aspect of his food. Also, being a qualified teacher as well as a chef allows me to teach others in an effective manner so if it's a private dinner party or a large function you want to be catered for then you can rest assured that I won't disappoint. On the other hand, if you want to learn than I can guarantee that I can teach you to a standard and level of confidence such that you will be cooking for your loved ones or catering your own dinner parties or even applying for your dream catering job in no time.
I've been working in catering for the last 20 years and I am currently a head chef in a little country gastro pub striving for awards. My favourite food is Italian and having trained there, I have close affinity with the food. Throughout my career, I have cooked food from all around the world and can produce any dish you desire to a very high level.
BBQ, Chinese, Decadent, French, Fusion, Italian
Chef Colin
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What would you like?

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