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Private Chef Nicoletta London, United Kingdom

Pastry Chef

Personal Chef # 15553

Cooking style
I am trained in all kinds of patisserie products like macarons, choux buns, mousses, etc. I am able to prepare gorgeous afternoon tea desserts and birthday cakes or cupcakes, cookies and other stuff for birthday display. I also have a passion for transforming old fashioned recipes into gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian (no gelatine mousses) variations. I am also happy to make a cake for vegans or raw vegans. I can bake nice and tasty looking desserts for anyone, even for people with restricted diet.
I have worked mainly in five star hotels in Prague and Vienna, then I joined a small family business in Prague where I was managing birthday cakes. I currently work as a pastry chef in a private casino in Myfair.
Fusion, Health, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Nicoletta
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What would you like?

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