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Private Chef Francesco London, United Kingdom

International food

Personal Chef # 13991

Cooking style
My cooking style ranges from 100% Italian to French, Asian or British cuisines. I like seasonal products. My approach with food is very simple.
Hi, I am Francesco, 26 years old, and you can probably tell by my name, I am an Italian chef and proud to be. I have studied and worked in Italy for 5 years. After this I moved to France and then to England, where I worked for the first two years in an Italian kitchen with good chefs. After this, I decided that I wanted to improve my english and I have been working at the oxo tower restaurant for 3 year where I am learning many things about international food and attitude in the kitchen. Being a personal chef is one of the experiences I dream about but I never had the opportunity to do so. I believe this is a great opportunity for me to showcase my talent.
Chef Francesco
What would you like?

What would you like?

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