Private Chef Giuseppe Lochore, SCOTLAND, United Kingdom

Professional Private & Bespoke Catering Services all 5stars Reviews

Personal Chef # 20825

Cooking style
Giuseppe Love cook Fresh vegetable and fresh ingredients. He avoids 100% all chemicals flavour and all the new additives that help dishes to be more shining and more nice on your eyes but then he believes all these powders of this century are contributing the growth of diseases on your body...So you will find his cooking skills unique and very tasty ... His clients talk about this.
Giuseppe is a Professional Private Chef and Bespoke Catering, offering his services all over Scotland and Uk. Any Kind of Private Dinner and Event he and His Organisation can do for you. His cooking style is unique, his Italian style with a twist of French and European cuisine. All 5 stars reviews. Giuseppe is keen to deliver the best memorable experience with his preparations for you and your guests. Hen Parties, Wedding,Celebrations, from 1000 people to 2 people , Giuseppe is at you Feet .
BBQ, Bio, Europe, French, Italian, Vegan
Chef Giuseppe
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