Private Chef Max Hampton, United Kingdom

Modern fine dining, Classical training.

Personal Chef # 13897

Cooking style
I like to use Classic techniques to create modern dishes. Fresh and bold flavours. I enjoy introducing diners to new flavours and combinations of food, as well as taking family favourites to the next level. I am also passionate about healthy eating being delicious as well as good for you.
First Class Diploma from the Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. WSET level 1 diploma in Wine. 7 years experience in restaurants. 5 years as Sous Chef. Classic and Modern French Cuisine. Catering for private functions up to 100 people, including vegan and vegetarian menus as well as food from all over the world.
American, BBQ, Chinese, Decadent, French, Japanese
Chef Max
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What would you like?

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