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Private Chef Emma Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, AUVERGNE-RHôNE-ALPES, France

Experienced & Adaptable Private Chef!

Personal Chef # 24148

Cooking style
I’m a classically French trained chef, but I also love cooking: Asian Fusion, Italian, vegetarian & vegan, nutritional, etc. Local & seasonal. A private chef has to be the master of many styles.
I am experienced Chef need that has worked with clients from around the globe in villas, chalets and boats. I have clients from Europe, Australia & NZ, N & S America & Canada, the Middle East & Russia. I have experience in many cuisines and dietary requirements, including solid nutritional experience as I work with coaches on training camps and athletes in training.
Asian, French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegan
Chef Emma
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What would you like?

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