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Private Chef Anabel Clichy, IDF, France

Creative kitchen

Personal Chef # 7746

Cooking style
My passion is cooking and creating new plates. To be able to create new experiences for the palate of my guests and make them discover one where I come from. Second, the different ways of cooking and how the ingredients can be paired on a way, never seen before.
I have worked before in different kitchens, but one that marked my life is one from Dominican Republic. I was a chef assistant for about two years. Then decided to continue my studies, coming to Europe, I have studied and worked for a year and a half: in France and Barcelona. In Barcelona in a two star michelin restaurant and in France, in La Baule, in the best restaurant of the area. Trying different ways of cooking and learning the history behind them.
American, Asian, BBQ, Bio, Caribbean, Chinese
Chef Anabel
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What would you like?

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