Private Chef Noah Oberwil, BL, Switzerland

Good Guy, Good Cook

Personal Chef # 22751

Cooking style
If it is good in the market today, you should be eating it right now. I can give cooking instructions/classes on a particular dish/ingredient. I've worked with many dietary restrictions (kosher, GF, veg, etc). I can pair wines and beer.
I have 8 yeas of international experience in the culinary industry. I worked as a Private Chef in New York City, Brooklyn, Basel, Paris and Hamburg. I've been lucky to live internationally in several countries and learn something unique about the cuisines in these regions. The best thread of knowledge in all these locations is that it is still based on what is the best food in season, what can be done with the ingredients in the moment and making food that welcomes everyone to the table.
Eastern Europe, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Vegetarian
Chef Noah
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