Private Chef Momo Toronto, ON, Canada

healthy cooking, healthy eating and healthy body

Personal Chef # 26832

Cooking style
Healthy cooking, low sodium, no processed sugar, avoid deep fried, organic, fresh and seasonal ingredients, raw food, cold press juice, artsy plating, balanced diet.
Chef Momo is comes from New York-based culinary background who has 20 years of experience and research on spa cuisine, dietary restrictions, menu development and healthy cooking. This includes high-end clients in New York, the Hampton’s, and all over the world. Chef Momo is also specialized in vegetarian and vegan cuisines. A truly gifted food stylist and artist who believes in the wholesome wellbeing through healthy living. All of the recipes are created, developed, styled and photographed by Chef Momo. Creativity and professionalism are core values in his 25 years career. He is a newly Permanent Resident to Canada and lives in Toronto with family. Chef Momo is a vegan.
African, French, Fusion, Greek, Health, Mediterranean
Chef Momo
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