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keep it simple, make it nice

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Cooking style
My cooking style is keep it simple and make it nice. It's easy to find inspiration in everyday ingredients while walking in the market. I think its important to use what is seasonal, local and fresh. Take 5 seemingly simple ingredients and really make them shine. With Toronto having such a wide variety of international ingredients I think it's exciting to find new things and challenge myself to use something I have never used before. I guess to sum it up easily: local, regional cuisine, European technique with a surprise here and there.
A little about my experience. I have been working in restaurants for 11 years in almost every position in the kitchen. From a Humble dish washer, to an experienced sous chef. Cooking is all that I have ever done and genuine hospitality is what I care the most about. I went to culinary school at Ottawa's Algonquin college. During and after this, I worked for some of the city's top chefs for 4 years before setting my sights on Toronto. I have been here for two years now working in big and small restaurants, working hard to learn all that I can. Now I am looking to try something new, a chance to provide my own brand of hospitality and food to people that are as interested and care about food as much as I do. I am currently working in a busy down town restaurant on queen street west specializing in casual French cuisine.
Europe, French, Italian, Spanish
Chef matt
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