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Private Chef Jonas Toronto, ON, Canada

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I once made a Sheppard's Pie 10 times. Now in its finished state it has Red Wine Jus served as a thick sauce on top, it has 15 year Aged Balsamic Vinegar Caramelized Shallots at the base, and Devonshire Cream with an unpasteurized Quebec Butter for the Mash. I remember a Jewish client of mine telling me that he hadn't had good Kreplach since his mother died. He then went on to book me for Rosheshana of that year. Again I made countless renditions of the Jewish Dumplings and the Chicken Soup.... When he smiled and shook my hand after the first course, it was clear that all those hours where not in vain. I would best describe my cooking as elemental. I enjoy working with ingredients that bring a lot to the table, and seeming how they interact and overlay with other ingredients without to much interference from me. Time is also a key element in my cooking, which explains why one of my specialties is Salmon Gravlax, which is a Scandinavian curing method, in which the period of the cure fundamentally alters the texture and flavor of the fish.
Starting at the age of 16 I worked with several highly talented Chefs including classically trained French Chefs, the private Chef of Tilda Swinton and the Chef of La Palette in Toronto. Over the first ten years I had leadership positions in high end restaurants, mostly European, but have worked extensively with Asian and West Indian cuisine. In the last few years I began catering for major events and functions in Toronto, and have cooked for all kinds of celebrities and captains of industry, including Prime Minister Trudeau. With whom I took a picture :). The last few years of my career which is coming on 15 years of Cheffing, I started my own Boutique Culinary Service. Meaning essentially that I source the highest quality ingredients, and tailor my menus to the exact requirements and desires of my clients. Because I have complete control over every step of the process, and I am my own boss, I can say honestly that the food speaks for itself and the business model has integrity, in that the money I spend goes into supporting Ontario farms and the Kensington and St Lawrence markets in Toronto. As and when I need staff, I hire people that I know their excellence, usually because we have worked together for years, and I pay them well for their knowledge.
Caribbean, Europe, French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Jonas
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