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Private Chef Vinnette Pickering, ON, Canada

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Personal Chef # 26599

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Im consider myself a fusion chef, becsuse there is always a twist to the food that I create. I have the ability to prepare most any kind of food from different culture. Its a known fact that you eat with your eyes first, for me you dont only eat with your eyes, but also your smell and your pallet. Its my eadure to create and know that my clients will enjoy whatever I set before them.
**Certified Red Seal Chef with 25 years experience. I have done catering, worked in retirement/nursing homes, four stars restaurants. I enjoy cooking with flavor and uses fresh and dried herbs to accomplish the taste i want. I'm a fusion chef so I like to try different combinations to get a unique flavor. I have held positions as a manager, lead, Sous chef and Executive chef. I'm very confident in what I do, and take pride in creating a menu that is very pleasing. I have been in this industry for over 25 years and have loved every minute of it. I'm professional, knowledgeable and organized, and committedto quality. The services I provide is exactly that.
American, BBQ, Caribbean, Fusion, Health, Vegetarian
Chef Vinnette
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What would you like?

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